Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

Do you get surprised by marketplace changes and struggle to pivot? Would you like to rise above tactics and operating plans to develop strategic objectives and clear action plans? 

It’s time to embrace an agile, vision-driven strategic plan that guides your operations and keeps your team focused on a small set of strategic objectives. We help design and facilitate a strategic planning process that is integrated into the rhythms of your organization.

What is your strategic focus for the next 3-5 years?

How are you tracking quarterly progress against that focus?

How are daily operations linked to those long-term priorities?

As your partner in strategic planning, we cultivate a practice of strategic thinking that helps you be more creative and effective in solving your organizational problems. We adapt expert strategic tools and models to your specific organizational vision, allowing you to be more effective in solving internal and external organizational problems. Plus, we help you build a regular rhythm of review and strategic discussion that keeps strategy on the agenda when tactics are trying to crowd it out.

This is for you if your goals include:

How we help you achieve organizational goals:

Customer Testimonials

Transcend has worked with us on our strategic planning process to bring the team closer and more engaged in the direction the company needs to go to continue its legacy of success. Their flexible approach to facilitation helped us have the conversations we needed but never found the right time or place to have.
- CEO, Military and Commercial Engineering Solutions Company

Embrace an Agile, Vision-driven Strategic Plan

Cultivate a practice of strategic thinking that helps you be more creative and effective in solving organizational problems.