Unleash Your Full Potential and Make 2024 Your Best Year EVER. This Free Live Training Is For Professionals, Leaders, and Business Owners.

Thursday, NOVEMBER 16, 2023 8:00 PM (EST)

Here's What You Will Learn On This Free Training Call:

Key Insight #1

Discover the power of having a dream and pursuing your heart’s deepest desire

Key Insight #2

How to respond to obstacles to achieving your dreams

Key Insight #3

How to stay focused and motivated on your journey

Key Insight #4

The connection between passion and dreams

Key Insight #5

Why you need a dream team to support your vision

Key Insight #6

The price of living and achieving your dreams

Meet Your Growth Guide

Corey D. Williams

Corey Williams is an author, International Speaker, and Executive coach with the Maxwell Certified Leadership Team, the XL Leadership Solutions founder, and the Senior Pastor of Hope City Church in Savannah, Ga.

He had to overcome two significant obstacles that threatened any chances of his ability to achieve a life of purpose – raised in a very toxic environment of drugs and abuse, on the verge of becoming a high school dropout. Having a severe speech impediment up until age 21, Corey considers these obstacles the foundation of his passion for helping others overcome personal and organizational barriers and turn them into bridges.

Corey has dedicated his life to enhancing others by speaking and teaching about leadership and personal and professional development.

Coreys’ training will enrich your attitude, rekindle your determination to succeed and expand your self-confidence. You’ll come away empowered, centered, and focused on your determined goals.

Meet Your Growth Guide

Angel Santiago

Angel Santiago is a distinguished entrepreneur with a rich background in military leadership and business acumen. As an alumnus of the esteemed United States Military Academy at West Point and a dedicated veteran, Angel has cultivated his leadership prowess in challenging scenarios, emphasizing service, excellence, and commitment.

With credentials as a Business Made Simple Coach and a Maxwell Leadership Coach, Angel has successfully transitioned his military discipline into the entrepreneurial realm. His business ventures, collectively valued at over $3M, are a testament to his relentless pursuit of excellence.

Angel’s expertise lies in identifying and nurturing the latent talents within organizations. Drawing from his military and business experiences, he provides invaluable insights to companies, enabling them to harness their collective potential. His engagements, whether addressing a boardroom or mentoring professionals one-on-one, are enriched with real-world anecdotes that underscore the significance of effective leadership in business growth.

With a magnetic personality and a message that resonates, Angel Santiago has emerged as a coveted speaker and coach in the corporate world. For businesses aspiring to elevate their performance, Angel offers the insights and strategies to transform potential into tangible success.

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